Lessons – If you dont understand or agree with something call and talk with a Pastor.

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Lesson 51 Is it wrong to be angry with God

Lesson 52 Is it wrong to be angry or frustrated

Lesson 53 Why doesnt God heal amputees

Lesson 54 Birth defects

Lesson 55 Why did God allow September 11

Lesson 56 Why did Jesus need to die

Lesson 57 Will The Holy Spirit ever leave a Christian

Lesson 58 Does God only love Christians

Lesson 59 Should we worship The Holy Spirit

Lesson 60 Are you supposed to feel the Holy Spirit

Lesson 61 Women modesty is IMPORTANT

Lesson 62 How a woman of God should dress

Lesson 63 Women preachers

Lesson 64 Women pastors

Lesson 65 The church and science

Lesson 66 We do not need God

Lesson 67 Carbon dating is not a fact but a belief

Lesson 68 Evolution is right and wrong at the same time

Lesson 69 Our church ran political party and law firm

Lesson 70 Abortion and homosexuality

Lesson 71 Prayer

Lesson 72 Is Jesus God

Lesson 73 The different names for God

Lesson 74 Tattoos and body piercings are not of God

Lesson 75 Interracial marriage

Lesson 76 Suicide

Lesson 77 Pets

Lesson 78 What happens after death

Lesson 79 Is gambling wrong in the eyes of God

Lesson 80 Why did Jesus need to suffer

Lesson 81 Are children innocent

Lesson 82 Is there anything that God cannot do

Lesson 83 The old testament vs The new testament

Lesson 84 Why is God so different in the old vs new testament

Lesson 85 Is God sexist

Lesson 86 Is homosexuality a sin

Lesson 87 Is God a man or woman

Lesson 88 Does God make mistakes

Lesson 89 What is love

Lesson 90 Faith

Lesson 91 Why we must follow Gods directions

Lesson 92 What is the meaning of the transfiguration of Jesus

Lesson 93 How long was Jesus ministry

Lesson 94 What is the meaning of those that were raised to life after Jesus died

Lesson 95 Why did blood and water come out after Jesus was pierced in His side

Lesson 96 What does it mean to walk in the spirit

Lesson 97 Christ spread the gospel the same exact way that we are

Lesson 98 If you are saved by faith and works why was the thief on the cross saved

Lesson 99 Salvation of Children

Lesson 100 How can you pray without ceasing