Lessons – If you dont understand or agree with something call and talk with a Pastor.

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Lesson 1 Why you are going to Hell if you are not a member of our free online church

Lesson 2 Did everyone before your church go to Hell

Lesson 3 How did you or your church learn the right way to follow Christ

Lesson 4 Why calling us a cult makes you foolish

Lesson 5 Why we are able to call people fools

Lesson 6 True Steps To Salvation 1

Lesson 7 True Steps To Salvation 2

Lesson 8 True Steps To Salvation 3

Lesson 9 Why the water baptism no longer matters

Lesson 10 Only God can judge me is a LIE

Lesson 11 Once saved always saved is a LIE

Lesson 12 You are not saved by faith alone

Lesson 13 What saved by grace REALLY means

Lesson 14 What saved by grace not the law REALLY means

Lesson 15 Why does bad things happen to good people

Lesson 16 The source of every problem

Lesson 17 How to overcome your problems

Lesson 18 The order of Godly family

Lesson 19 Godly character of a man

Lesson 20 Godly character of a woman

Lesson 21 The Image of God

Lesson 22 unGodly character of man

Lesson 23 unGodly character of woman

Lesson 24 Godly role of man

Lesson 25 Godly role of woman

Lesson 26 Love is respect to woman

Lesson 27 Respect is love to man

Lesson 28 What is a Godly marriage

Lesson 29 Can Christians Get a Divorce

Lesson 30 Sex before marriage

Lesson 31 Sex in Godly marriage

Lesson 32 Christians and Masturbation

Lesson 33 All holidays are pagan and go against GOD including Christmas, Easter, Birthdays and etc

Lesson 34 Is God all knowing

Lesson 35 Where do thoughts come from

Lesson 36 Rejecting evil thoughts

Lesson 37 Did God create evil

Lesson 38 Why should you avoid drugs and alcohol

Lesson 39 Is it wrong to question God

Lesson 40 Is speaking in tongues evidence of having The Holy Spirit

Lesson 41 What does it mean to fear God

Lesson 42 Who created God

Lesson 43 Does God punish us when we sin

Lesson 44 Why doesnt God still perform miracles like in the Bible

Lesson 45 Why is the book of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John different

Lesson 46 The importance of the Baptism of Jesus

Lesson 47 Could Jesus have sinned

Lesson 48 Why is the virgin birth of Jesus so important

Lesson 49 Why doesnt God seem to care about the starving kids in the world

Lesson 50 Is Gods love unconditional